Saturday, 11 December 2010

Challenge #68 : The worst Christmas present ever

Good morning all Darksiders. The most recent theme
for the challenge proved to be a rather difficult one.
But not to worry ! I will just post a new one which
will also be the last one for 2010.

The last challenge for this year will be :
The worst Christmas present ever.

I wish you all very happy crafting and ofcourse
a great few weeks of holiday time !

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Challenge #67 : Speaking through the Ouija Board

Good morning all darksiders ! I do not know about you,
but i am totally covered in Christmas tags and cards. For
those in the USA it is surely quite a busy time too, since
Thanksgiving is coming up. Even though i started early
this year, there are so many things that i want to do
that it is a busy time for this particular crafter.

Of course that does not stop me thinking about new
challenges for you all and i am really enjoying checking
out your beautiful creations. It is a joy every time.

Now on to the theme of this fortnight's challenge :
Speaking through the Ouija Board. I know this is
quite a difficult theme, but i am sure you can come
up with some exciting creations. I am really looking
forward to seeing what you make of this one !

Have fun with this one, happy creating !

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Challenge #66 : Bats

It seems that Blogger ate my first text belonging to this
challenge, so i will write it anew !

I love it so much that we have a real flock of regulars on
AotD and i love to see the variety in artworks that are
being submitted, that is just what makes this crafting
life so interesting, well done !

Now onto our new challenge, which is bats. Personally
i really like bats and i find them gorgeous, but i also
realise that there are heaps of people that just gross
out by the thought of bats. So if you are a lover or a
hater, this challenge is for you ! Make the most of your
feelings and put them into art.

Good luck with this one, happy crafting !

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Challenge #65 : Halloween

Goodmorning Dark Friends :) There were not that many
contributions for the last challenge, but the people that
did participate made some lovely pieces, thank you !!
I hope you had as much fun creating them as it is to
see them displayed on you blogs.

I do not think there will be any question about what the
theme for the next challenge is going to be. There really is
only one option this time of year and that is Halloween.
So get out your crafting materials and make something
halloweeny. It can be a card, an ATC, a decoration or maybe
an outfit, it is up to.

I wish you a lot of happy crafting hours, see you next time !

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Challenge #64 : In 3D

Hello all Darksiders ! I must admit, every single time i
visit the blogs of the contributors i am so impressed by
the versatility, the originality and the beauty of all your
works of art. And i say art because i really find your
pieces to be art. Thumbs up to all of you and thank you
for contributing.

The theme for the new challenge is something that is
all the rage lately : 3D. Avatar was the movie to start
this rage and if we must believe everything we read,
this thing has only just started. Therefor i ask you to
make you scary piece in 3D this time. And you know
what is the best part of 3D art ? You do not need to
wear such a silly pair of glasses to enjoy it !

Happy, scary crafting. I can not wait to go check out
all your contributions !

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Challenge #63 : Black and Orange

Hello all Darksiders !

I had such fun visiting all your blogs and seeing all
the great pieces you made, stunning ! It was a great
start of this year's set of challenges in my opinion.

Now for this fortnights challenge : i want you to use
black and orange and if you want to you can add any
other colour(s) you would like. So you can give this
your own twist. I hope you will enjoy this challenge
as much as the last one and i hope to see at least
as many contributions as for the past challenge.

Have fun, happy crafting !

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Challenge # 62 : A Haunted House

Good morning Darksiders ! Summer is over and we are
starting our creepy, crawly and scary endeavours again.
I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and have
been stacking up on creative, artistic and especially
dark juices.

This fortnight's theme is one that i hope everyone is
going to have lots of fun with : A Haunted House. As
usual, all media may be used, so you can let your
artistic juices run free.

Happy haunting, happy crafting !

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Counting Down

Good morning Darksiders ! It is almost time
to start the challenges again, so keep your eyes
peeled for the new theme to be posted the
upcoming weekend. See you there !!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Challenge # 61 : A Midsummer Night's-mare | Summer Break

Hello and welcome to our last challenge for this season !
We will take a nice summerbreak and will be back
after everyone has come back from their vacations.

But not before i have thanked each and every one of
you that make these challenges so much fun. I want
to thank the followers for reading people's blogs and
hopefully leave a comment here or there. I want to
thank the participants for creating those wonderful
pieces of art, they are very much fun to check out.

And last but not least i want to present you the
challenge i set for you and that you have a good long
time to finish : A Midsummer Night's-mare. I hope
you can get up with some really scary stuff, but having
seen the previous entries i think i can rest assured
you will :)

I wish you all a great summer and i hope to see you
all again in a few weeks. Happy crafting !

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Challenge # 60 : Jack the Ripper

Good morning Darksiders ! It is not really the kind of weather
we dark crafters like for our artwork as the sun is shining and
the birds are singing. I therefor came up with a particularly
dark challenge this time.

But first i want to thank all participants for their beautiful
contributions after our Ghostwhisperer-challenge. It is so
much fun to see that there are so many ways the theme can
be interpreted, well done !

The new theme for the upcoming fortnight is another
unsettling one : Jack the Ripper. There are few reality based
stories that have captured so many people for so long a time.
You can read up on the story here, here and here.

Have fun with this challenge, happy crafting !

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Challenge # 59 : The Ghost Whisperer

A good day to you Darksiders ! Another fortnight of
crafting has passed and a lot of great submissions have
been posted. It is wonderful to see so many people
enjoying creating scary stuff.

This time the challenge will be set for three weeks
as i will not have the chance to set a new challenge
in two weeks time. The theme for this challenge
is The Gost Whisperer and is (of course) inspired
by the television series. I really love the series
and i believe there are many more GW fans out
there that would love to get their hands dirty while
playing with this theme.

I also want to give you a suggestion for the form
of your piece of art : this time i would love to see
shrines, but any form is of course more than welcome.

I wish you lots of inspiration, have fun with this
new theme ! Happy crafting !

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Challenge # 58 : Scary Dolls

Good day Darksiders ! A new challenge is dawning but
first i want to take the time to mention that i am happy
about seeing that we have even more followers now.
We did not have that many contributions, but they
are of such high quality that i am happy with that too :)

Now on to this fortnight's challenge : scary dolls. I do
not know about you guys, but there are a LOT of scary
dolls out there. Creepy in itself, broken, dirty, scraped
or other kinds of scary, it is your choice. Some dolls
are even scary because they are so cute.

As usual, the form of your art is yours to choose but
i will give you a suggestion : do your thing in 3D.
If you do not want to do it in 3D you are free to put
up a 2D piece of art too, as said, it is only a suggestion.
Again i wish you lots of inspiration and happy crafting !

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Challenge # 57 : Fear Itself

Good day Darksiders. It was good to see you have had
so much fun with the last theme, who would have thought
that ;) And also we have more followers than ever, which
means a lot of people enjoy checking out this blog and your
contributions ! And from frolicing vampire bunnies we move
this week to a theme that is the root, or mother if you will,
of all fears : Fear Itself.

What sprang to mind was the following sentence : when
we are no longer afraid, we start to live. Does this imply
we do not live when we are afraid, or maybe less alive ?
What do you think ? Ofcourse you can take this a whole
other way too, you create your own boundries, if any.

The theme is set and i would like to embark on a new
"thing" here on the Darkside : a suggestion for the form
you use for your piece. You do not have to follow this
suggestion if the form is not your thing. The suggestion
for this theme is : Arch.

Have fun creating and i am looking forward to your
contributions !

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Challenge # 56 : Eerie Easter

Good morning all crafters ! I am very happy to see that
there have been quite a few contributions for last week's
challenge, great :D Not only have there been more
contributions, they seem to be more gorgeous every
fortnight too, praise to you all.

The theme for the upcoming two weeks is Eerie Easter.
When i think about easter i automatically get happy
thoughts : happy bunnies, happy chicks, happy soft
colours, happy flowers, but i am sure there must be a
much darker sude to all this happiness too and i
challenge you to find it. Maybe some rabid rabbits,
vampiric chicks or ... ?

Have fun with this one and as usual the theme is set
but the form or medium you use is up to you.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Challenge # 55 : Dark Women

Good morning dark crafters ! Only two contributions for
the last challenge, but they are lovely :) I hope everyone
that reads this blog, but does not participate has checked
out the contributor's blogs.

Also, i hope that this week there will be more of the
readers will become crafting participants in this week's
challenge, which is : Dark Women. Some of my ideas
on this subject are listed below, but feel free to do
something completely different !

dark angel
angel of death
fortune teller
dark spirit

Have fun with this theme and i hope to see many
contributions again :)

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Challenge # 54 : Scary stuff in the Forest

Hello all Darksiders and welcome to a new challenge !
This time we will be going out on a forest path and
follow it deeper and deeper into the forest and into
our fears. We shall go on this path and just let our
fears find us, may it be in the form of werewolves
or wandering spirits. Or maybe a serial killer hiding
behind the bushes ?

Anything goes in this challenge, you decide the form
of your piece and the definate theme as eveyone's
fantasy concerning this challenge is different.

As you might remember i talked about making a
thought card before you start where you associate
on the theme that lies before you. Think about the
things that are scary that pop into your mind, but not
only that, you can also put colours, smells and textures
on your card. Anything that describes the feeling
you are trying to create.

Happy creating !

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Challenge # 53 : Fear

Good day to you all Darksiders ! Not many peole joined in
the fun last week, so i hope this Challenge will stimulate
more artists to join in :) This challenge's theme is going
to be fear. Everyone has fears, big and small, so use that
to your advantage and make some art !

From now on the challenges are going to be posted
every other week to give more people the chance to
participate. We all know that time flies and sometimes
a week is just not enough.

So happy crafting with fear and i am looking forward
to all your scary creations :D

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Challenge # 52 : The Dark Side of the Moon

This week we have a "universal" challenge, being
"The dark side of the moon". Make of this challenge
what you will : really use an image of the moon, or
make your piece moon-shaped or ... Your imagination
is the limit ! Have fun with this theme and happy

Friday, 15 January 2010

Challenge # 51 : Eek !

Goodmorning all readers, followers and participants . The
second challenge for this year is only one word long. It is :
Eek ! I am sure you all have things that make you go E-E-K !
so go on and make something scary ;) We are in the middle
of a snowstorm here so i am not going anywhere, a whole
day of crafting ahead, woohoo !

Also ofcourse lots of thanks to last week's contributors who
took up the challenge and made something. It is so much fun
how everyone translates the challenges so differently. You,
the contributors, are really the bricks that build this house
of challenges ! Happy creating :)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Challenge # 50 : A haunted castle

Goodmorning Darksiders and welcome to the new year.
This new year holds an abundance of new possibilities
and lots of new challenges as is (in the small) shown on
this blog too !

We will start this new year of challenges with a theme
that will be not too hard to follow, i think :D The theme
for this week is : A Haunted Castle. Stories of hauntings
are one of my favorite things. Not too long ago i saw a
particularily scary movie about one called Paranormal
Activity and it scared my pants off me, it was that good.

Now it is off to the drawing board for you guys, have fun
doing this challenge and i am looking forward to seeing
your ideas.