Sunday, 16 May 2010

Challenge # 59 : The Ghost Whisperer

A good day to you Darksiders ! Another fortnight of
crafting has passed and a lot of great submissions have
been posted. It is wonderful to see so many people
enjoying creating scary stuff.

This time the challenge will be set for three weeks
as i will not have the chance to set a new challenge
in two weeks time. The theme for this challenge
is The Gost Whisperer and is (of course) inspired
by the television series. I really love the series
and i believe there are many more GW fans out
there that would love to get their hands dirty while
playing with this theme.

I also want to give you a suggestion for the form
of your piece of art : this time i would love to see
shrines, but any form is of course more than welcome.

I wish you lots of inspiration, have fun with this
new theme ! Happy crafting !

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Challenge # 58 : Scary Dolls

Good day Darksiders ! A new challenge is dawning but
first i want to take the time to mention that i am happy
about seeing that we have even more followers now.
We did not have that many contributions, but they
are of such high quality that i am happy with that too :)

Now on to this fortnight's challenge : scary dolls. I do
not know about you guys, but there are a LOT of scary
dolls out there. Creepy in itself, broken, dirty, scraped
or other kinds of scary, it is your choice. Some dolls
are even scary because they are so cute.

As usual, the form of your art is yours to choose but
i will give you a suggestion : do your thing in 3D.
If you do not want to do it in 3D you are free to put
up a 2D piece of art too, as said, it is only a suggestion.
Again i wish you lots of inspiration and happy crafting !