Sunday, 18 April 2010

Challenge # 57 : Fear Itself

Good day Darksiders. It was good to see you have had
so much fun with the last theme, who would have thought
that ;) And also we have more followers than ever, which
means a lot of people enjoy checking out this blog and your
contributions ! And from frolicing vampire bunnies we move
this week to a theme that is the root, or mother if you will,
of all fears : Fear Itself.

What sprang to mind was the following sentence : when
we are no longer afraid, we start to live. Does this imply
we do not live when we are afraid, or maybe less alive ?
What do you think ? Ofcourse you can take this a whole
other way too, you create your own boundries, if any.

The theme is set and i would like to embark on a new
"thing" here on the Darkside : a suggestion for the form
you use for your piece. You do not have to follow this
suggestion if the form is not your thing. The suggestion
for this theme is : Arch.

Have fun creating and i am looking forward to your
contributions !

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Challenge # 56 : Eerie Easter

Good morning all crafters ! I am very happy to see that
there have been quite a few contributions for last week's
challenge, great :D Not only have there been more
contributions, they seem to be more gorgeous every
fortnight too, praise to you all.

The theme for the upcoming two weeks is Eerie Easter.
When i think about easter i automatically get happy
thoughts : happy bunnies, happy chicks, happy soft
colours, happy flowers, but i am sure there must be a
much darker sude to all this happiness too and i
challenge you to find it. Maybe some rabid rabbits,
vampiric chicks or ... ?

Have fun with this one and as usual the theme is set
but the form or medium you use is up to you.