Sunday, 18 April 2010

Challenge # 57 : Fear Itself

Good day Darksiders. It was good to see you have had
so much fun with the last theme, who would have thought
that ;) And also we have more followers than ever, which
means a lot of people enjoy checking out this blog and your
contributions ! And from frolicing vampire bunnies we move
this week to a theme that is the root, or mother if you will,
of all fears : Fear Itself.

What sprang to mind was the following sentence : when
we are no longer afraid, we start to live. Does this imply
we do not live when we are afraid, or maybe less alive ?
What do you think ? Ofcourse you can take this a whole
other way too, you create your own boundries, if any.

The theme is set and i would like to embark on a new
"thing" here on the Darkside : a suggestion for the form
you use for your piece. You do not have to follow this
suggestion if the form is not your thing. The suggestion
for this theme is : Arch.

Have fun creating and i am looking forward to your
contributions !


Gina said...

Mmmmmmmmm..... this ones deep. Catch you later
love as always Gina x x x

Gina said...

Thank you for an interesting challenge Meikoningin, here's my offering
love as always Gina x x x

Gina said...

Sorry 1st post didn't work properly so re-posted.
lova as always Gina x x x

Keepsake's Crafts said...

I'm done!
This one was harder... I luv it!
Thank-You for the challenge!

julietk said...

A bit late but heres mine