Saturday, 2 April 2011

A break

Good morning all Darksiders ! Last fortnight's
challenge got some really cool contributions
again. You are such a talented group of artists,
i really get impressed every single time.

This saturday i will not post a new challenge
for you though, i am putting the challenges on
hold for a while. This does not mean the challenges
will not return, i am just not sure when that will

I wish you all a lot of happy crafty hours and
am looking forward to seeing your contributions
when the challenges return. Happy crafting !

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Challenge #75 : Sometimes they come back

Good day all Darksiders and welcome to another challenge !
Sadly, there was only one participant for the last challenge
but as we tend to say in blogland : better one than none.
And it was a very beautiful contribution too !

Now onto our new theme : Sometimes they come back.
I was inspired by a film title but you can give the theme
your own scary interpretation.

Now for the recipe that goes with this theme :
(remember, the recipe is optional)
no purples, blues and greens

I hope you will enjoy this new challenge, i am looking
forward to your creations.
Happy haunting, happy crafting !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Challenge #72 : Rueful Renaissance

Good day my Darkside Friends, another scare awaits you !

Last week we only had two submissions and i am therefor
putting out this challenge hoping we will get to see more
spinechilling art :)

This week the theme for our challenge is Rueful Rennaissance,
a theme that Kymberly will have lots of fun with, i am sure.

And i want to add the following recipe to this theme
(the recipe is optional) :
- the colours dark, mossy green and wine red
- something gold
- (a piece of) fabric

Enjoy this challenge, have fun and happy crafting :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Challenge #71 : Broken Hearts

Good day all Darksiders !

Another challenge has come and gone and i really
enjoyed the contributions, you really are a fun
and diverse gang to "work" with. A big thank you
to all of you who came with suggestions and kind
words, they are very much appreciated !

This fortnight's challenge is a suggestion made
by Toni (thank you for the input) and i will give
you an optional and short recipe :
corrugated cardboard,
something repurposed.

Happy haunting and happy crafting !

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Challenge #70 : Bones

Hello to all Darksiders ! To begin with i want to ask
you for another form of input this fortnight : i want
your favourite themes, bring em on :) I do of course
have my own inspiration, but i would really like some
fresh ideas. I also want to know if you feel like some
recipe challenges, in which i decide about some key
features of your art.

Oke, now for the theme : this time it is going to be ...
Bones. You can do any form of art, use materials as
you wish as long as you make it scary.

Happy crafting !

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Challenge #69 : Where wisps lead you ..

Good morning al Darksiders. Another year means a lot of
new possibilities for us to express ourself via Dark Art !
Let us therefor not waste time and start with this year's
first challenge, being "Where wisps lead you ..."

To kickstart your inspiration i have an excerpt of a
text about wisps here :
A will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus — also called will-o'-wisp,
corpse candle, jack-o'-lantern, friar's lantern, gunderslislik,
and wisp — is the folklore term for a ghostly light sometimes
seen at night or twilight over bogs, swamps, and marshes.
It resembles a flickering lamp and is sometimes said to
recede if approached.

I wish you a lot of inspiration and happy crafting !