Sunday, 16 May 2010

Challenge # 59 : The Ghost Whisperer

A good day to you Darksiders ! Another fortnight of
crafting has passed and a lot of great submissions have
been posted. It is wonderful to see so many people
enjoying creating scary stuff.

This time the challenge will be set for three weeks
as i will not have the chance to set a new challenge
in two weeks time. The theme for this challenge
is The Gost Whisperer and is (of course) inspired
by the television series. I really love the series
and i believe there are many more GW fans out
there that would love to get their hands dirty while
playing with this theme.

I also want to give you a suggestion for the form
of your piece of art : this time i would love to see
shrines, but any form is of course more than welcome.

I wish you lots of inspiration, have fun with this
new theme ! Happy crafting !


Keepsake's Crafts said...

Here's my Version (iPod: Ghost Whisperer!):

linda said...

Here ar my ghost whisperers. Lovely theme...

Toni said...

Hi everyone... here is my version for "Ghost Whisperer" TFL :)

danit said...

Please come see mine

johanna said...

my entry is here: