Sunday, 7 February 2010

Challenge # 53 : Fear

Good day to you all Darksiders ! Not many peole joined in
the fun last week, so i hope this Challenge will stimulate
more artists to join in :) This challenge's theme is going
to be fear. Everyone has fears, big and small, so use that
to your advantage and make some art !

From now on the challenges are going to be posted
every other week to give more people the chance to
participate. We all know that time flies and sometimes
a week is just not enough.

So happy crafting with fear and i am looking forward
to all your scary creations :D


Evil Edna said...

Hope that this is scary enough


linda said...

Hello. It's my first time here. This is a new directon for me, and I'm looking forward to seeing what's in there.

blackdragon said...

I couldnt depict my worst fear.... but i have done an ATC of something i find very creepy....
great challenge, sorry i have been absent for awhile, my nan has been very poorly.
XXX lynx

Jeanette said...

My fear is here on my blog.

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Not one of MY greatest fears, but I couldnt resist :P
Here is my piece

Barbara said...

I have just done this page last night and I think it fits the challenge.

Anonymous said...

You can find my little ghost here. He fears something that can make me feel very uncomfortable: darkness. I hope you like my attempt of this theme. I've visited some of the entries but I haven't had time to comment, yet.

Kymberly Decker said...

I just threw in every fear I have so I my entry is very busy with creepy images! Hope you like it!
Here is my link:

Thank you, Kymberly

Anne (cornucopia) said...

My piece is on my blog here.

Thanks for looking.