Saturday, 11 December 2010

Challenge #68 : The worst Christmas present ever

Good morning all Darksiders. The most recent theme
for the challenge proved to be a rather difficult one.
But not to worry ! I will just post a new one which
will also be the last one for 2010.

The last challenge for this year will be :
The worst Christmas present ever.

I wish you all very happy crafting and ofcourse
a great few weeks of holiday time !


Gina said...

Hahaha! so many to choose from!The best one had to be the black latex bodywarmer, with red and black (spikey) fur trim. Sexy from husband, notso sexy from mother in law?!!? The faux fur brought me out in an itchy rash as soon as I tried it on, fortunately it was 2 sizes too small, so I got to take it back hahaha!:D XXX

Sarah Cooper said...

I hope this isn't TOO creepy... I had fun. MY DH thinks it's really gross but a hoot all the same. My take is here.

Kymberly said...

I got this one in a bit too late but I had some extra time and wnated to create something super fun for this challenge! You always come up with the best ideas to get the old brain humming! Thanks for the inspiration!

My Link:

Thanks, Kym