Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Challenge 2 - MASK

Thanks so much to Vron who entered my very first challenge ( tears ) with her incredible angel tears'. All entries will be displayed with the post and also will be added to a slide show soon. Thank you also to all who have taken and interest in this new blog challenge. I am aware that its a strange one and may be slow to get going but the more people see others addressing the darkside in art, the more we will see it explored. I am hoping challenge number 2 will give you something to get your teeth into and can be interpreted in many ways so ... enjoy and just let the title take you where it wants and create !
CHALLENGE 2 - MASK Here is one from me. I let my darkside lead me where it would. It came up with this owl like mask so i have created this darkly magical creature with owl face. Owl Masked Angel.
She is created from textured paints,pens etc


Her Speak said...

Hello there!

Oh a wonderful challenge! I've posted a piece. :)

Thank you so much!
Merry Making and Many Blissings~*

Kristen Hermanny said...

I have post for you for the mask, and it sparked a wonderful project idea. The "Cut Models from America's Next Top Model" Thanks for the inspirations. Come and check it out!!! Thanks and xxx

Josephine said...

wow love this Blog and challenge
Thank you for helping me to set up mine Love the art work

DeadmansLog said...

Hmm. I was making a mask anyway this week. After I posted, I remembered you were doing masks this week.

Feel free to add this if you feel it's dark enough. :) I do wish I could take nicer looking pictures that did it any kind of justice at all...

(medium: paper mache, ribbon, and decorative paint)

Ozstuff said...

Mine is a little big tongue in cheek. It has to do with Christmas and children's toys which are invariably attached to boxes with enough wire and nails to tie down a battleship.
My picture is on my blog.

Anonymous said...