Saturday, 20 November 2010

Challenge #67 : Speaking through the Ouija Board

Good morning all darksiders ! I do not know about you,
but i am totally covered in Christmas tags and cards. For
those in the USA it is surely quite a busy time too, since
Thanksgiving is coming up. Even though i started early
this year, there are so many things that i want to do
that it is a busy time for this particular crafter.

Of course that does not stop me thinking about new
challenges for you all and i am really enjoying checking
out your beautiful creations. It is a joy every time.

Now on to the theme of this fortnight's challenge :
Speaking through the Ouija Board. I know this is
quite a difficult theme, but i am sure you can come
up with some exciting creations. I am really looking
forward to seeing what you make of this one !

Have fun with this one, happy creating !


Gina said...

Haha! Got one for this challenge :D XXX

Sujay said...

So beautiful the site is.Thank you.