Saturday, 6 March 2010

Challenge # 54 : Scary stuff in the Forest

Hello all Darksiders and welcome to a new challenge !
This time we will be going out on a forest path and
follow it deeper and deeper into the forest and into
our fears. We shall go on this path and just let our
fears find us, may it be in the form of werewolves
or wandering spirits. Or maybe a serial killer hiding
behind the bushes ?

Anything goes in this challenge, you decide the form
of your piece and the definate theme as eveyone's
fantasy concerning this challenge is different.

As you might remember i talked about making a
thought card before you start where you associate
on the theme that lies before you. Think about the
things that are scary that pop into your mind, but not
only that, you can also put colours, smells and textures
on your card. Anything that describes the feeling
you are trying to create.

Happy creating !


ArtSnark said...

ooh - great prompt

JM said...

Mine's here:

Sorry to be so absent on these challenges but I hope this will be the start of many more challenges from here on out!

What a great theme! Thanks!
Joan Marie

julietk said...

I hope it is ok to enter a small animation for this challenge i just felt it enhanced the feeling of my model here is a link
great fun thanks :-) Juliet

blackdragon said...

Here are my slightly different decorated easter eggs.