Saturday, 9 January 2010

Challenge # 50 : A haunted castle

Goodmorning Darksiders and welcome to the new year.
This new year holds an abundance of new possibilities
and lots of new challenges as is (in the small) shown on
this blog too !

We will start this new year of challenges with a theme
that will be not too hard to follow, i think :D The theme
for this week is : A Haunted Castle. Stories of hauntings
are one of my favorite things. Not too long ago i saw a
particularily scary movie about one called Paranormal
Activity and it scared my pants off me, it was that good.

Now it is off to the drawing board for you guys, have fun
doing this challenge and i am looking forward to seeing
your ideas.


Jeanette said...

Well, I've got a Haunted Castle for you on my blog. Great challenge.

Michele said...

I did this one a while back for a collaborative tarot deck, but I think it fits the theme of haunted castles:


Evil Edna said...

I am cackling as we speak. Here is my summer house, er I mean image.


WildGoose said...

My entry, like Michelle's was done prior, for another challenge
It's called The Black Cat of Craigdurroch; done for a 3 Muses Challenge in September...if it doesn't turn up, check my sidebar to get to it via the September 2009 Archives- 2d enttry.
For some reason, I couldn't find yours, Michelle, or yours, jeannette...hope to see them on the sidebar, here, eventually!

Michele said...

Sorry you couldn't find it. Here is a tiny URL:

prashant said...

..hope to see them on the sidebar

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