Saturday, 5 December 2009

Challenge # 47 : The three ghosts of Christmas

Can you believe it the second sunday in Advent tomorrow ?
Time flies by so fast it is almost not more than a flash !

But enough of this, we had very cool and scary and bad
Santas last week ! I am glad you enjoyed this dark theme
and i am sure there are a lot of people that enjoyed going
to the blogs to see the entries.

This week has a theme that you probably expected to pop
up at one point this Christmas : the ghost of Christmas past,
the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas
future. You can use all or only one and you can do whatever
pops up in ur head. You can use any form or medium you
fancy so go have fun with it.

Good luck and happy crafting this week and not to forget :
Happy second Advent !


gaby braun said...

My entry is on my blog.
Your challenges are great and this is the first time I can participate.

Seeking Simplicity said...

Thanks for looking

Anne (cornucopia) said...

Happy Second Advent!

My piece is on my blog here.

Thanks for looking.

WildGoose said...

The ghost of Christmas past -Francophone style is waiting to be remembered via my blog... in black and white digital layers...Happy Haunted Holidays!

Anonymous said...


here is mine

Jeanette said...

Hi, this looks like a good one. Be back with something soon.

I just had a thought... I'll be adding your link to the Soartful challenge.
We are sort of related.


Emme Toaye said...

I love checking out this blog, it really inspires me. Thanks!

prashant said...

Your challenges are great

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