Saturday, 10 October 2009

Challenge # 41 : Halloween Decoration

Goodmorning one and all !

A big thank you to all participants of last week's
challenge. Very gorgeous things have been created
again, even though it was a difficult challenge :)

This week is going to be easier again, i challenge
you to make a Halloween Decoration. It can be
anything that you made that will adorn your
house during Halloween.

I will give you a few examples :

some candy baskets,

a bouquet of button flowers,

an altered Sylvanian.

So you see, it can be anything at all. Go on and
make something and show us all ! Happy crafting :)


Hels said...

Oh how COOL!!!! I love the altered Sylvanian...looks like a spoookeeeeey teddy now. Will be back soon with my entry...have just the very thing :O))

Hels x

Hels said...

I just blogged my piece...I know, I know, it is a bit quick and I am not that is someting I made ages ago but hope it is ok for the challenge...sorry for cheating LOL But thanks for a FAB challenge xx

Emme Toaye said...

I love the ideas here, Halloween is my very favorite holiday I love it even more than Christmas and always have. It's so much fun creating new costumes and decorations, better than opening gifts or chasing eggs! My decorations this year are small to fit my apartment, altered little goth witchy dollies! Sooo much fun!

Emme Toaye said...

This is my Halloween hand made decoration for this year, I had to downsize because we don't have a big yard this year.

Lynn Stevens said...

I created an entire tutorial of Halloween goodies for inspiration and posted them on hope you go have a look.

Sonia Brock said...

Halloween Cats

peggy gatto said...

My first time in your challenge!
Posted my actual decor in my kitchen.
thanks for the fun in seeing all the ideas!!

Anonymous said...

Well better late than never I always say. Mine is up at my blog.
This was a great one for me since Halloween is my fav holiday.

Andrea said...

My daughter and I worked together on a project seen here. Thanx for looking!

Kristen said...
Sorry it's been forever since I played along, June!!!
I have missed you very much!
This piece took me all day to make, and an hour to post.

Hope you like it!

prashant said...

t is someting I made ages ago but hope it is ok for the challenge.. Work from home India