Saturday, 17 October 2009

Challenge # 42 : The 13 days of Halloween

Thank you to all who joined us in our challenge last week,
and thank you to all who visited blogs and left comments,
i hope you had as much fun with this challenge as i have had !

Tomorrow, on sunday the 18th of october, the 13 days of
Halloween begin. It is a period of time filled with creepyness
and excitement, a period where you can finish off the
last of your Halloween preparations ; think about your
Halloween dinner, decorations and all the other things
that you are planning on this holiday.

So this is your challenge for the coming two weeks :
The Thirteen Days of Halloween. You can express
yourself in any possible way you can think of, we will
be waiting here to see what you come up with ! And if
you want to enter with multiple items, you are more
than welcome :D Happy crafting !


Barb said...

I would like to enter this challenge but am not sure how to go about it...can you help please?

Barb said...

Oh...I forgot...for you to be able to tell me how to enter my email addy is


Sonia Brock said...


vintagesusie said...

Here's a creepy entries that I think is fun & ghoulish. It's also up for the Sunday Postcard theme too. Thanks for looking! Susie

Veronica said...

Here is mine

Vron xx

Gez said...

Ooh you have a lovely challenge blog. This is my 1st visit. Hoping to call back soon. Gez.

Veronica said...

And another

Vron xx

Jean said...

I had fun with this challenge. This is my first challege on your site. You can view my work on my blog

Anonymous said...

I have 2 different posting on my blog. So far anyway might add more later.

And second

janene said...

I enjoy popping in here to see what you are up to with the challenges. I'm altering an old book with Victorian photographs to look creepy. You can see pics on my blog.

I hope you come by and check it out. Janene

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Thanks for the challenge!
Here is my Dark Side piece

blackdragon said...

Have quite a few halloweenie things posted to my blog... by next week there will be a lot more than 13!!!!
Please come over and have a look.

jan said...

I have been trying to figure out how to link my zombie painting, but it's not working. She is currently posted on my blog. :) So happy I discovered your blog :)
Please take a look as I have a few spooky works of art.

jan said...

My painting of zombie girl is on my blog at

There are also two other paintings posted on my blog that scared my kids; perhaps these could qualify too!

Love your blog! Happy Halloween!

Sonia Brock said...

The Dark of the Moon

prashant said...

This is my 1st visit. Hoping to call back soon Work from home India