Saturday, 26 September 2009

Challenge # 39 : Halloween ATC's

Last week's contributions were fabulous again.
You recieved a really difficult assignment but
you made the most of it, fantastic job all !
Be sure to visit the other participant's blogs
for inspiration because they are worth visiting.

This week's assignment is much easier : as
Halloween is approaching, we ask you to make
Halloween ATC's. The can be dark, eerie,
unsettling, anything you can come up with.

Here are some examples of ATC's i made
earlier. If you are not an ATC-person you
can do the alternate assignment : make a
Halloween Card. Size and form are up to you.

We wish you all inspiration to make the best out of this
assignment and are looking forward to seeing all your
dark creations.


Barbara said...

How do you enter your creationson here?

Barbara said...

I made a halloween ATC, am normally not into halloween stuff, but I like the weirdo images, so had a go. My creation is here:

Thanks for looking and look forward to the next challenge.

Sonia Brock said...

Pele, Goddess of Fire (Hawaii)

June said...

Fab idea my friend. I hope you are well. I love these atc's your work is simply AMAZING on all of these and that mask one and the bat and birds at the bottom are fabulous.
I shall try and contribute something this week too
Hugs June xxxx

Chris Arlington said...

I don't know how to submit but here are my creations.
hugs, Chris

June said...

Hi my friend, i have made mine its here

Hugs June xxxx

vintagesusie said...

This theme is perfect for me since I've been playing wih images on the darkside anyway. Here's my creation & thanks for looking!

Poeticthnkr said...

I actually sat down at my art desk to create today and completed 3 projects! =) I posted my creation for your challenge on my blog.

This is not as "dark" as I usually go for but it is a Halloween-ish ATC. I may have to create more Halloween ATC's as soon as I get the time. I just LOVE Halloween. ;)

Poeticthnkr said...

Hi Meikoningin! I got your message about not being able to see my pictures on my blog. That is strange...
Here is my blog address if you wish to try again:

Take care! =)

Spyder said...

These are brilliant, such fabulous ideas.