Thursday, 17 September 2009

Challenge # 38 : be careful what you wish for

Hello to all of our readers and participants ! Another
week has come and gone and brought us lots of
beautiful and meaningful art and we are about to
embark on a new art-journey. Do not forget to
check out the other participant's blogs for
inspiration :)

The theme for this week is "Be careful what you
wish for". Normally this would be followed by :
you might get it, but i let that part out so that you
can finish the sentence any way you want.

A few weeks ago i spoke about mind-mapping
and to give an example would be a logical next
step, right ? Normally i would make a more
elaborate map but this time i will make a small
beginning for the sake of this blogpost :

"Be careful what you wish for" :

* you might get it
* eventhough you will not get it
* children's stories about three wishes

* wishing for "good" things
* wishing for "bad" things
* desires; what are your dark desires ?
* dreams; what do you dream of ?

* what if you get what you want ?
* how will it change things ?

* spooky - / ghoststories
* wishing wells
* wishing spells (witchcraft)


June said...

Excellent post my friend :)
Hugs June xxx

Leila Gervais said...

Wow, this one was hard! Guess it's not a challenge unless it makes you think, huh? :-)

You can see mine over here:

Thanks for looking!

Evil Edna said...

this should have evil laughter after it iam sure.

here's mine

thank you for looking


Jeanette said...

This one was a bit hard but.....that's what we are here for. Wonderful entries so far.

Here's Mine!</a


Anonymous said...

This was a hard challenge, good cause it made us think! Here is mine:

Poeticthnkr said...

Happy to see a challenge site on the darkside! =)

I have posted my creation on my blog.