Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Challenge - Image

This weeks darkside challenge is to use this image to create something with. I love the gothic feel of this and hope to also get time to make something
have fun

image in the public domain


ArtSnark said...

oooo- love it!! Hope I can make some time for this 1

Anonymous said...


this is becoming very intriguing to me, and I like your art product.

Thanks for inspiring me,
stay in touch,

Tigz said...

im really liking this one. will see what i can do...

Leila Gervais said...

What a fun subject to play with!

I skipped out on a few chores to be creative ;-)

Here's mine:

”Image Challenge”

Meikoningin said...

What a kewl pic, it put Jack the Ripper in my mind instantly ! By the way, i just want to say i LOVE your challenges, i love creepy and eerie stuff and now that i am back from vacation i will be joining in the fun again, weeee :D Just holler if you need any theme ideas or something, i am full of scrayness, haha ;) And the time before us, pre-halloween and halloween itself will be so much fun *jumps up and down* i am looking forward to sharing this creepy time with you !

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

this was fun. i even played with it in photoshop for the very 1st time (which i think i like better than my original one - LOL) hope you like it.

Here it is!


blackdragon said...

another great challenge... sorry cant join in... no printer!!!! love to all lynx

Jeanette said...

I have one for you this week. I love this image and I had a creative thought right away.

Here's Mine!</a


Swapping Howdies said...

Once again I used the photo of me taking a nap. Here you can see my digital collage.

Happy creating,