Thursday, 2 July 2009

Darkside Wolves

Thanks to all who have joined in the challenge this week. It was a short one so please feel free to submit any others for the GARGOYLE CHALLENGE but as promised i wanted to update properly with a full week for the challenges again so here is this weeks challenge.

create something that is based on the Wolf or werewolf and have some fun !!


Diane said...

i somehow missed the gargoyle challenge :(

but werewolves sound fun!

hope things are going well for you and yours!

janene said...

How fun. Werewolf family portrait on my blog:

blackdragon said...

i have some wolves you may like to see.... i actually did this piece a week ago... hope you dont mind... its a bit of fun.
see you next week.. xxx blackdragon

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i knew exactly what i was going to do. hope you like it.

Here's mine!


Diane said...

here's mine! :)

WildGoose said...

Found your challenge blog just last week, and uploaded 2 pics to former challenges- one the recent Gargoyles ( entered it within the hour after you posted the werewolf/wolf one ), and the Sea ghost one!
This time around I"ll try for something new!
Glad we've got a week!
...Will try and finish before Monday's full moon!

Anne (cornucopia) said...

I just discovered your challenge site, while looking at WildGoose's blog. This looks like fun! I probably won't have anything by the Thursday deadline though.

WildGoose said...

Mine"s done!
Keeping in mind it was just a FULL MOON recently, come see it's quaint result on my blog !
Cheers to All.

Hels said...

Do you know, I love wolves? They are so majestic and just ever so precious...but I have not got a single wolfy thing in my stash, I have just hunted thru cos I really wanted to join in...anyways, I will have to miss out on this one but thanks for setting it anyway...I will try to come up with something....but don't hold your breath LOL Hugs x

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

wow! those wolf challenges are fabulous. i love lyn's.