Saturday, 19 March 2011

Challenge #75 : Sometimes they come back

Good day all Darksiders and welcome to another challenge !
Sadly, there was only one participant for the last challenge
but as we tend to say in blogland : better one than none.
And it was a very beautiful contribution too !

Now onto our new theme : Sometimes they come back.
I was inspired by a film title but you can give the theme
your own scary interpretation.

Now for the recipe that goes with this theme :
(remember, the recipe is optional)
no purples, blues and greens

I hope you will enjoy this new challenge, i am looking
forward to your creations.
Happy haunting, happy crafting !


Evil Edna said...

here is my entry, This challenge really buzzed around my head. I was thinking of the fear that s 80s fashion!

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Here's mine, I did use blue and green, but making something without purple is pretty much a challenge in itself for me :P

Jane said...

Here's mine
luv Jane xxx

ike said...

Here's mine :-)

Ike xx

Anonymous said...

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