Sunday, 30 January 2011

Challenge #70 : Bones

Hello to all Darksiders ! To begin with i want to ask
you for another form of input this fortnight : i want
your favourite themes, bring em on :) I do of course
have my own inspiration, but i would really like some
fresh ideas. I also want to know if you feel like some
recipe challenges, in which i decide about some key
features of your art.

Oke, now for the theme : this time it is going to be ...
Bones. You can do any form of art, use materials as
you wish as long as you make it scary.

Happy crafting !


Susan's crafty chaos said...

I love the challenges you come up with, precisely because they're not always themes I would have thought of myself. A recipe challenge sounds like fun too, but I sometimes get frustrated when there's such a long list of must-use ingredients that it seems like there's no room left for my own interpretation/creativity.
Thanks for another great challenge! :D

Birgit said...

You are doing great work here, and I will mention your challenge blog at We Love Digital Art once again. I hope that brings some more players here, too.

Thanks for your hard work!!!

Happy creating,

Kymberly said...

I love all of the dark challenges that you have created for us! Every challenge has always had a great theme really pushed me to think "outside of the box"! I need that kind of motivation to keep growing and learning more about how far I can stretch my creative abilities! I know you have helped me to dig deeper into my imagination and creative spirit to NEVER FEAR to try something different! I am so grateful to you for that little push!

I am still so new to altered art and working with digital images so these challenges have really helped me but I do spend too much time on my digital art pieces (I am still very slow with some of the processes) and so never quite get the time to completely finsh them !

Like last week's challenge--I must have downloaded 30 or more images fro mmy files to work with and have about ten digi art pieces almost completed--the "Wisp" really got the creative juices flowing! I would like to turn those in even though I know they are late--I just wanted you to see what I created! I don't know--it was just one of those really inspiring challenges where one art piece was not enough and I just couldn't stop at 2 or even 3!!

I got Paintshop Photo Pro #3 for Christmas and so I am getting myself aquainted with a lot of the techniques! I always attempt every theme you give us but have had a hard time getting them finished and turned in on time! I hate to turn them in late! I have all of them in a special file and hope to go back and finish them later on!

A recipe challenge sounds great! I have never participated in a recipe challenge so it sounds like a lot of fun and something new to try! I am a gal that thrives on "MORE IS MORE" so I think I would enjoy something like that!

NOW---What inspires me & what are my favorite themes?

Scary music puts me in the mood to crete dark art!Scary movies also get my dark imagination going!

I love anything from the Dark Ages up to the Renaissance! Spooky dark castles, fog, superstitions and folk lore--anything from the Dark Ages--peotry, eerie literature!
I am reading William Blake's bio and thought he was only a poet but found out that he was also a specatacular artist too! His angel/demon drawings are very detailed like DaVinci's sculpture of David! He drew a lot of illustrations for the writers of religious philosphy of that time period! Paradise Lost, Proust, Dante's Inferno, etc.
I love Shakespeare's plays and draw from some of the images I get when I read his work!

I have 2 books about torture in the Dark ages--lots of illustrations!
Have you seen the Plague Uniforms the doctors wore during the Black Plague! The hood was fashioned like a mask but covered the whole head and face to ward off germs! Looked like a giant crow's head with a long beak in the front! Robert Downey Jr. played in a movie where he wore one but I cannot remember the title of the movie!
Insane Aslums--I don't know why!! The old ones really give me the creeps!
I also draw a lot of inspiration from watching the spooky ghost shows on A&E/BIO Channel like the Celebrity Hauntings, The Haunted on Animal Planet, and the Ghost Hunter shows on the SCiFi channel too!
I appreciate all of the hard work you put into this challenge! There are not that many dark art challenges on the web so it's really important for us to support you in anyway we can to keep this one going and to try and recruit new artists to join us!!

Have a great day! Kym
P.S. Sorry for the novel I just wrote to you! I'll keep it shorter next time!!

Jane said...

Here is my card

Sarah Cooper said...

My Mr. Bomes is here if you'd like to meet him. :O)

blackdragon said...

Sorry its been a while since i played here.... i shall play more often and try to promote your chhallenges more.

Hope this skull will be ok as my 'bones'

Kymberly said...

Here is my entry for this week!

Thanks, Kym

toni said...

I'm back and glad to see you are still rockin your art..

As far as some suggestions.... hummm...
broken hearts
bad jokes
dead heads (as in flowers)

gotta go and work on my bones :)

Kymberly said...

I had so much fun creating the first "Bones" entry that I made a second "Bones" entry to go along with the first one I posted yeterday!

This one has a different link!

Link for the 2nd "Bones" entry:


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