Saturday, 28 November 2009

Challenge # 46 : Bad Santa !

Hello all readers and participants of the Darkside
Challenges. Those of us in Europe : it has been
a wet week indeed ! Those of you in the US have
surely had a nice week with Thanksgiving. And after
Thanksgiving follows Advent : tomorrow will
be the first sunday in Advent wich means that
Christmas-preparations officially start.

Christmas is the celebration of (new) light in the
world but The Darkside would not be The Darkside
if we would not come up with a dark challenge, though.
Therefor, this week's challenge is Bad Santa ! I am
not thinking about the movie with that title, but i
am thinking about the dark side of the bigbellied
merrymaker. In this post : you can
read about this dark side of the celebrations. So
get out your thinking cap and put it on ! Afterwards,
make your piece and show us, we are so excited
to see what you come up with :)

Happy crafting, happy Advent !

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Challenge # 45 : The nightmare before Christmas

Goodmorning Darksiders !

Last week we have not had many contributions, but it
is not the quantity, it is the quality that counts :) Thank
you to those who played and thank you to those who
visited blogs and left comments.

As Christmas is drawing nearer we will have a focus
on that the upcoming weeks. The first of our Christmas
themed challenges is : The nightmare before Christmas.
This does not mean you can only use Tim Burton's film
as inspiration, but anything and everything that this
challenge-title means to you.

Here is a nice read if you are interested in the background
of ghost stories at Christmas. Especially the comments
are nice.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Challenge # 44 : Mythological Horrors

Hello to all readers and participants ! Every week i enjoy
all your contributions very much, it is really a joy to visit
your blogs, your pieces inspire me :)

I am sorry for posting so late, but i had some issues with
my connection to the wide, wide world of internet. But as
i like to say : better late than never, so here is the challenge
for the coming week and a half. This week's challenge is
called Mythological Horrors. Some suggestions maybe ?
How about zombie unicorns, vampiric pixies or the one
and only Kraken ? You can surely come up with much
better ideas , so i am looking forward to your posts.

Be creative, happy crafting !

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Challenge # 43 : Day of the Dead / Dias de los Muertos

To everyone who participated in The 13 days of Halloween-
challenge : thank you so much, and to all the readers who
did not participate in the challenge : i am sure you enjoyed
checking out all the posts because they were fabulous again !

This week there will be the following theme :
Day of the Dead / Dias de los Muertos or the related
themes : All Saints, All Souls. Depending on where you live
there are different ways of celebrating this holiday which
is in essence the same thing. For more information you
can check out the Wikipedia page on "Day of the Dead".

So take your pick and make something beautiful again :D
Happy crafting !