Saturday, 21 November 2009

Challenge # 45 : The nightmare before Christmas

Goodmorning Darksiders !

Last week we have not had many contributions, but it
is not the quantity, it is the quality that counts :) Thank
you to those who played and thank you to those who
visited blogs and left comments.

As Christmas is drawing nearer we will have a focus
on that the upcoming weeks. The first of our Christmas
themed challenges is : The nightmare before Christmas.
This does not mean you can only use Tim Burton's film
as inspiration, but anything and everything that this
challenge-title means to you.

Here is a nice read if you are interested in the background
of ghost stories at Christmas. Especially the comments
are nice.


WildGoose said...

Hi Meikoningin,
There's one more for last weeks challenge on my blog!Just uploaded it now!
The next 2 week's one looks to be fun!

vintagesusie said...

Hi Friend, I have not forgotten your lovely challenges, I'm still without Photoshop until I meet up with my sis on Thanksgiving. I'll be back very soon I hope! If you get a chance, stop by my blog for a small 100th post give-away. Have a wonderful weekend friend!
Hugs, Susie

Jeanette said...

I have a 'nightmare before Christmas'
for you.

Here's Mine!</a

Alice said...

Awesome link! I've often wished that the Christmas ghost story tradition were a little stronger in America, but I can make do with The Nightmare Before Christmas and A Christmas Carol!