Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Challenge - The Cross

I have always been interested in how the image of the cross is viewed. Is it the "trinket of deceit" as Dracula states, or is it a symbol of love and hope as many people believe. What do you think?
This image can be taken either way, so I would love to see your interpretation of this symbol.

This challenge is not intended to make any religious statement - so feel free to use it in any way that you want to - let your imagination run wild.



Genie Sea said...

Vron, you're a rockstar! :)

Glycérine said...

wow let's try to do it...
thanks again :)

Tacey said...

Great challenge, Vron. Thank you!
Mine is on my blog.

vintage wil said...

My entry is on my blog.
thanks for looking.

Femmy said...

mine is here

Joan Marie said...

I can't save the cross image to my computer so I've uploaded two other images that I worked on with crosses. I hope that's ok. Hmmmm...for some reason or another, this seems to be a bit different on the format. Perhaps it's just my computer being temperamental!

Kraxpelax said...

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rustymermaid said...
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rustymermaid said...

Here is my piece for this cool challenge

Anonymous said...