Tuesday 13 March 2012

Step down

I am really sorry, but but because of personal
things i can no longer tend to this blog.
Wishing everyone the best in their creative
and dark journey.

Thursday 1 March 2012

Challenge #77 : Terrifying texts

Hello Darksiders !

It was really nice to see your enthousiasm in the
comments and your artworks on your blogs.
I hope that all readers will visits the participants'
blogs, because there is a lot of inspiring work
to be seen. Well done everyone :)

There is still a DT call for this blog, so please let
me know if you are interested in participating
in this scary blog :)

And now, without further ado, here are
the contributions :

The next challenge will be due the 21st of march and
is called : Terrifying texts. Let the written word inspire
you to make something creepy !

Sunday 12 February 2012

Let the fun begin, again !

Good day to all of you Dark-siders ! It has
been a while, but here i am, again.

It has been quite a few months since
my last post on The Dark Side and that is
about to change. In fact, there are more
changes coming and to start of with the
first one : I am looking for Challenge Hosts !
Leave a reply to this post if you are up
for it :)

One thing that definately is not going
to change, is the fact that any medium is
allowed, so join in the fun and show us your
paintings, collages, digital work, 3D work
or whatever it is that you like to do.

So, to kick some new life into this
blog again, here is your challenge :
anything goes, as long as it is On The Darkside.
The challenge will end at the 29th of february,
23:59 hrs, have fun !

Saturday 2 April 2011

A break

Good morning all Darksiders ! Last fortnight's
challenge got some really cool contributions
again. You are such a talented group of artists,
i really get impressed every single time.

This saturday i will not post a new challenge
for you though, i am putting the challenges on
hold for a while. This does not mean the challenges
will not return, i am just not sure when that will

I wish you all a lot of happy crafty hours and
am looking forward to seeing your contributions
when the challenges return. Happy crafting !

Saturday 19 March 2011

Challenge #75 : Sometimes they come back

Good day all Darksiders and welcome to another challenge !
Sadly, there was only one participant for the last challenge
but as we tend to say in blogland : better one than none.
And it was a very beautiful contribution too !

Now onto our new theme : Sometimes they come back.
I was inspired by a film title but you can give the theme
your own scary interpretation.

Now for the recipe that goes with this theme :
(remember, the recipe is optional)
no purples, blues and greens

I hope you will enjoy this new challenge, i am looking
forward to your creations.
Happy haunting, happy crafting !

Saturday 5 March 2011

Challenge #72 : Rueful Renaissance

Good day my Darkside Friends, another scare awaits you !

Last week we only had two submissions and i am therefor
putting out this challenge hoping we will get to see more
spinechilling art :)

This week the theme for our challenge is Rueful Rennaissance,
a theme that Kymberly will have lots of fun with, i am sure.

And i want to add the following recipe to this theme
(the recipe is optional) :
- the colours dark, mossy green and wine red
- something gold
- (a piece of) fabric

Enjoy this challenge, have fun and happy crafting :D

Saturday 19 February 2011

Challenge #71 : Broken Hearts

Good day all Darksiders !

Another challenge has come and gone and i really
enjoyed the contributions, you really are a fun
and diverse gang to "work" with. A big thank you
to all of you who came with suggestions and kind
words, they are very much appreciated !

This fortnight's challenge is a suggestion made
by Toni (thank you for the input) and i will give
you an optional and short recipe :
corrugated cardboard,
something repurposed.

Happy haunting and happy crafting !

Sunday 30 January 2011

Challenge #70 : Bones

Hello to all Darksiders ! To begin with i want to ask
you for another form of input this fortnight : i want
your favourite themes, bring em on :) I do of course
have my own inspiration, but i would really like some
fresh ideas. I also want to know if you feel like some
recipe challenges, in which i decide about some key
features of your art.

Oke, now for the theme : this time it is going to be ...
Bones. You can do any form of art, use materials as
you wish as long as you make it scary.

Happy crafting !

Saturday 15 January 2011

Challenge #69 : Where wisps lead you ..

Good morning al Darksiders. Another year means a lot of
new possibilities for us to express ourself via Dark Art !
Let us therefor not waste time and start with this year's
first challenge, being "Where wisps lead you ..."

To kickstart your inspiration i have an excerpt of a
text about wisps here :
A will-o'-the-wisp or ignis fatuus — also called will-o'-wisp,
corpse candle, jack-o'-lantern, friar's lantern, gunderslislik,
and wisp — is the folklore term for a ghostly light sometimes
seen at night or twilight over bogs, swamps, and marshes.
It resembles a flickering lamp and is sometimes said to
recede if approached.

I wish you a lot of inspiration and happy crafting !

Saturday 11 December 2010

Challenge #68 : The worst Christmas present ever

Good morning all Darksiders. The most recent theme
for the challenge proved to be a rather difficult one.
But not to worry ! I will just post a new one which
will also be the last one for 2010.

The last challenge for this year will be :
The worst Christmas present ever.

I wish you all very happy crafting and ofcourse
a great few weeks of holiday time !

Saturday 20 November 2010

Challenge #67 : Speaking through the Ouija Board

Good morning all darksiders ! I do not know about you,
but i am totally covered in Christmas tags and cards. For
those in the USA it is surely quite a busy time too, since
Thanksgiving is coming up. Even though i started early
this year, there are so many things that i want to do
that it is a busy time for this particular crafter.

Of course that does not stop me thinking about new
challenges for you all and i am really enjoying checking
out your beautiful creations. It is a joy every time.

Now on to the theme of this fortnight's challenge :
Speaking through the Ouija Board. I know this is
quite a difficult theme, but i am sure you can come
up with some exciting creations. I am really looking
forward to seeing what you make of this one !

Have fun with this one, happy creating !

Saturday 6 November 2010

Challenge #66 : Bats

It seems that Blogger ate my first text belonging to this
challenge, so i will write it anew !

I love it so much that we have a real flock of regulars on
AotD and i love to see the variety in artworks that are
being submitted, that is just what makes this crafting
life so interesting, well done !

Now onto our new challenge, which is bats. Personally
i really like bats and i find them gorgeous, but i also
realise that there are heaps of people that just gross
out by the thought of bats. So if you are a lover or a
hater, this challenge is for you ! Make the most of your
feelings and put them into art.

Good luck with this one, happy crafting !

Saturday 23 October 2010

Challenge #65 : Halloween

Goodmorning Dark Friends :) There were not that many
contributions for the last challenge, but the people that
did participate made some lovely pieces, thank you !!
I hope you had as much fun creating them as it is to
see them displayed on you blogs.

I do not think there will be any question about what the
theme for the next challenge is going to be. There really is
only one option this time of year and that is Halloween.
So get out your crafting materials and make something
halloweeny. It can be a card, an ATC, a decoration or maybe
an outfit, it is up to.

I wish you a lot of happy crafting hours, see you next time !

Saturday 9 October 2010

Challenge #64 : In 3D

Hello all Darksiders ! I must admit, every single time i
visit the blogs of the contributors i am so impressed by
the versatility, the originality and the beauty of all your
works of art. And i say art because i really find your
pieces to be art. Thumbs up to all of you and thank you
for contributing.

The theme for the new challenge is something that is
all the rage lately : 3D. Avatar was the movie to start
this rage and if we must believe everything we read,
this thing has only just started. Therefor i ask you to
make you scary piece in 3D this time. And you know
what is the best part of 3D art ? You do not need to
wear such a silly pair of glasses to enjoy it !

Happy, scary crafting. I can not wait to go check out
all your contributions !

Sunday 26 September 2010

Challenge #63 : Black and Orange

Hello all Darksiders !

I had such fun visiting all your blogs and seeing all
the great pieces you made, stunning ! It was a great
start of this year's set of challenges in my opinion.

Now for this fortnights challenge : i want you to use
black and orange and if you want to you can add any
other colour(s) you would like. So you can give this
your own twist. I hope you will enjoy this challenge
as much as the last one and i hope to see at least
as many contributions as for the past challenge.

Have fun, happy crafting !

Saturday 11 September 2010

Challenge # 62 : A Haunted House

Good morning Darksiders ! Summer is over and we are
starting our creepy, crawly and scary endeavours again.
I hope all of you had a wonderful summer and have
been stacking up on creative, artistic and especially
dark juices.

This fortnight's theme is one that i hope everyone is
going to have lots of fun with : A Haunted House. As
usual, all media may be used, so you can let your
artistic juices run free.

Happy haunting, happy crafting !

Sunday 5 September 2010

Counting Down

Good morning Darksiders ! It is almost time
to start the challenges again, so keep your eyes
peeled for the new theme to be posted the
upcoming weekend. See you there !!

Sunday 27 June 2010

Challenge # 61 : A Midsummer Night's-mare | Summer Break

Hello and welcome to our last challenge for this season !
We will take a nice summerbreak and will be back
after everyone has come back from their vacations.

But not before i have thanked each and every one of
you that make these challenges so much fun. I want
to thank the followers for reading people's blogs and
hopefully leave a comment here or there. I want to
thank the participants for creating those wonderful
pieces of art, they are very much fun to check out.

And last but not least i want to present you the
challenge i set for you and that you have a good long
time to finish : A Midsummer Night's-mare. I hope
you can get up with some really scary stuff, but having
seen the previous entries i think i can rest assured
you will :)

I wish you all a great summer and i hope to see you
all again in a few weeks. Happy crafting !

Sunday 6 June 2010

Challenge # 60 : Jack the Ripper

Good morning Darksiders ! It is not really the kind of weather
we dark crafters like for our artwork as the sun is shining and
the birds are singing. I therefor came up with a particularly
dark challenge this time.

But first i want to thank all participants for their beautiful
contributions after our Ghostwhisperer-challenge. It is so
much fun to see that there are so many ways the theme can
be interpreted, well done !

The new theme for the upcoming fortnight is another
unsettling one : Jack the Ripper. There are few reality based
stories that have captured so many people for so long a time.
You can read up on the story here, here and here.

Have fun with this challenge, happy crafting !

Sunday 16 May 2010

Challenge # 59 : The Ghost Whisperer

A good day to you Darksiders ! Another fortnight of
crafting has passed and a lot of great submissions have
been posted. It is wonderful to see so many people
enjoying creating scary stuff.

This time the challenge will be set for three weeks
as i will not have the chance to set a new challenge
in two weeks time. The theme for this challenge
is The Gost Whisperer and is (of course) inspired
by the television series. I really love the series
and i believe there are many more GW fans out
there that would love to get their hands dirty while
playing with this theme.

I also want to give you a suggestion for the form
of your piece of art : this time i would love to see
shrines, but any form is of course more than welcome.

I wish you lots of inspiration, have fun with this
new theme ! Happy crafting !

Sunday 2 May 2010

Challenge # 58 : Scary Dolls

Good day Darksiders ! A new challenge is dawning but
first i want to take the time to mention that i am happy
about seeing that we have even more followers now.
We did not have that many contributions, but they
are of such high quality that i am happy with that too :)

Now on to this fortnight's challenge : scary dolls. I do
not know about you guys, but there are a LOT of scary
dolls out there. Creepy in itself, broken, dirty, scraped
or other kinds of scary, it is your choice. Some dolls
are even scary because they are so cute.

As usual, the form of your art is yours to choose but
i will give you a suggestion : do your thing in 3D.
If you do not want to do it in 3D you are free to put
up a 2D piece of art too, as said, it is only a suggestion.
Again i wish you lots of inspiration and happy crafting !

Sunday 18 April 2010

Challenge # 57 : Fear Itself

Good day Darksiders. It was good to see you have had
so much fun with the last theme, who would have thought
that ;) And also we have more followers than ever, which
means a lot of people enjoy checking out this blog and your
contributions ! And from frolicing vampire bunnies we move
this week to a theme that is the root, or mother if you will,
of all fears : Fear Itself.

What sprang to mind was the following sentence : when
we are no longer afraid, we start to live. Does this imply
we do not live when we are afraid, or maybe less alive ?
What do you think ? Ofcourse you can take this a whole
other way too, you create your own boundries, if any.

The theme is set and i would like to embark on a new
"thing" here on the Darkside : a suggestion for the form
you use for your piece. You do not have to follow this
suggestion if the form is not your thing. The suggestion
for this theme is : Arch.

Have fun creating and i am looking forward to your
contributions !

Saturday 3 April 2010

Challenge # 56 : Eerie Easter

Good morning all crafters ! I am very happy to see that
there have been quite a few contributions for last week's
challenge, great :D Not only have there been more
contributions, they seem to be more gorgeous every
fortnight too, praise to you all.

The theme for the upcoming two weeks is Eerie Easter.
When i think about easter i automatically get happy
thoughts : happy bunnies, happy chicks, happy soft
colours, happy flowers, but i am sure there must be a
much darker sude to all this happiness too and i
challenge you to find it. Maybe some rabid rabbits,
vampiric chicks or ... ?

Have fun with this one and as usual the theme is set
but the form or medium you use is up to you.

Saturday 20 March 2010

Challenge # 55 : Dark Women

Good morning dark crafters ! Only two contributions for
the last challenge, but they are lovely :) I hope everyone
that reads this blog, but does not participate has checked
out the contributor's blogs.

Also, i hope that this week there will be more of the
readers will become crafting participants in this week's
challenge, which is : Dark Women. Some of my ideas
on this subject are listed below, but feel free to do
something completely different !

dark angel
angel of death
fortune teller
dark spirit

Have fun with this theme and i hope to see many
contributions again :)

Saturday 6 March 2010

Challenge # 54 : Scary stuff in the Forest

Hello all Darksiders and welcome to a new challenge !
This time we will be going out on a forest path and
follow it deeper and deeper into the forest and into
our fears. We shall go on this path and just let our
fears find us, may it be in the form of werewolves
or wandering spirits. Or maybe a serial killer hiding
behind the bushes ?

Anything goes in this challenge, you decide the form
of your piece and the definate theme as eveyone's
fantasy concerning this challenge is different.

As you might remember i talked about making a
thought card before you start where you associate
on the theme that lies before you. Think about the
things that are scary that pop into your mind, but not
only that, you can also put colours, smells and textures
on your card. Anything that describes the feeling
you are trying to create.

Happy creating !

Sunday 7 February 2010

Challenge # 53 : Fear

Good day to you all Darksiders ! Not many peole joined in
the fun last week, so i hope this Challenge will stimulate
more artists to join in :) This challenge's theme is going
to be fear. Everyone has fears, big and small, so use that
to your advantage and make some art !

From now on the challenges are going to be posted
every other week to give more people the chance to
participate. We all know that time flies and sometimes
a week is just not enough.

So happy crafting with fear and i am looking forward
to all your scary creations :D

Sunday 31 January 2010

Challenge # 52 : The Dark Side of the Moon

This week we have a "universal" challenge, being
"The dark side of the moon". Make of this challenge
what you will : really use an image of the moon, or
make your piece moon-shaped or ... Your imagination
is the limit ! Have fun with this theme and happy

Friday 15 January 2010

Challenge # 51 : Eek !

Goodmorning all readers, followers and participants . The
second challenge for this year is only one word long. It is :
Eek ! I am sure you all have things that make you go E-E-K !
so go on and make something scary ;) We are in the middle
of a snowstorm here so i am not going anywhere, a whole
day of crafting ahead, woohoo !

Also ofcourse lots of thanks to last week's contributors who
took up the challenge and made something. It is so much fun
how everyone translates the challenges so differently. You,
the contributors, are really the bricks that build this house
of challenges ! Happy creating :)

Saturday 9 January 2010

Challenge # 50 : A haunted castle

Goodmorning Darksiders and welcome to the new year.
This new year holds an abundance of new possibilities
and lots of new challenges as is (in the small) shown on
this blog too !

We will start this new year of challenges with a theme
that will be not too hard to follow, i think :D The theme
for this week is : A Haunted Castle. Stories of hauntings
are one of my favorite things. Not too long ago i saw a
particularily scary movie about one called Paranormal
Activity and it scared my pants off me, it was that good.

Now it is off to the drawing board for you guys, have fun
doing this challenge and i am looking forward to seeing
your ideas.

Sunday 20 December 2009

Challenge # 49 : The darkest time of the year

Goodmorning Darksiders and a happy fourth Advent !
This will be the last challenge for this year, with "The
darkest time of the year" as a theme. You can give your
own twist to this challenge so twist it as much as you
can :D

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all
participants and readers. Your nice comments and your
contributions make this challenge blog into a really nice
place to be ! I will be wishing you a Merry Christmas
now, and all the best for the new year.

Saturday 12 December 2009

Challenge # 48 : A dark Christmas bubble

Hello all and thank you for participating in last
week's challenge ! I think it is so great that you
take time to do these challenges even though you
probably more than enough to do, making Christmas
cards, setting up menus, decorating the house and
what not. And thank you to our readers who take
time to check out the participant's blogs !

This week is going to be a bit different. I am not
setting a theme, but a form ! This week i would
like to see your bubbles. A bubble is the size of a CD
but not a CD. So trace around a CD and use that
as your base for a dark Christmas bubble. And if
you are satisfied with what you have made you can
even hang it on your Christmas tree :) A digital bubble
is ofcourse also a possibility.

So, happy third Advent and happy creating !

Saturday 5 December 2009

Challenge # 47 : The three ghosts of Christmas

Can you believe it the second sunday in Advent tomorrow ?
Time flies by so fast it is almost not more than a flash !

But enough of this, we had very cool and scary and bad
Santas last week ! I am glad you enjoyed this dark theme
and i am sure there are a lot of people that enjoyed going
to the blogs to see the entries.

This week has a theme that you probably expected to pop
up at one point this Christmas : the ghost of Christmas past,
the ghost of Christmas present and the ghost of Christmas
future. You can use all or only one and you can do whatever
pops up in ur head. You can use any form or medium you
fancy so go have fun with it.

Good luck and happy crafting this week and not to forget :
Happy second Advent !

Saturday 28 November 2009

Challenge # 46 : Bad Santa !

Hello all readers and participants of the Darkside
Challenges. Those of us in Europe : it has been
a wet week indeed ! Those of you in the US have
surely had a nice week with Thanksgiving. And after
Thanksgiving follows Advent : tomorrow will
be the first sunday in Advent wich means that
Christmas-preparations officially start.

Christmas is the celebration of (new) light in the
world but The Darkside would not be The Darkside
if we would not come up with a dark challenge, though.
Therefor, this week's challenge is Bad Santa ! I am
not thinking about the movie with that title, but i
am thinking about the dark side of the bigbellied
merrymaker. In this post :
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joulupukki you can
read about this dark side of the celebrations. So
get out your thinking cap and put it on ! Afterwards,
make your piece and show us, we are so excited
to see what you come up with :)

Happy crafting, happy Advent !

Saturday 21 November 2009

Challenge # 45 : The nightmare before Christmas

Goodmorning Darksiders !

Last week we have not had many contributions, but it
is not the quantity, it is the quality that counts :) Thank
you to those who played and thank you to those who
visited blogs and left comments.

As Christmas is drawing nearer we will have a focus
on that the upcoming weeks. The first of our Christmas
themed challenges is : The nightmare before Christmas.
This does not mean you can only use Tim Burton's film
as inspiration, but anything and everything that this
challenge-title means to you.

Here is a nice read if you are interested in the background
of ghost stories at Christmas. Especially the comments
are nice. www.wwaytv3.com/scary_ghost_stories_for_christmas/4/5211#comment-26424

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Challenge # 44 : Mythological Horrors

Hello to all readers and participants ! Every week i enjoy
all your contributions very much, it is really a joy to visit
your blogs, your pieces inspire me :)

I am sorry for posting so late, but i had some issues with
my connection to the wide, wide world of internet. But as
i like to say : better late than never, so here is the challenge
for the coming week and a half. This week's challenge is
called Mythological Horrors. Some suggestions maybe ?
How about zombie unicorns, vampiric pixies or the one
and only Kraken ? You can surely come up with much
better ideas , so i am looking forward to your posts.

Be creative, happy crafting !

Sunday 1 November 2009

Challenge # 43 : Day of the Dead / Dias de los Muertos

To everyone who participated in The 13 days of Halloween-
challenge : thank you so much, and to all the readers who
did not participate in the challenge : i am sure you enjoyed
checking out all the posts because they were fabulous again !

This week there will be the following theme :
Day of the Dead / Dias de los Muertos or the related
themes : All Saints, All Souls. Depending on where you live
there are different ways of celebrating this holiday which
is in essence the same thing. For more information you
can check out the Wikipedia page on "Day of the Dead".

So take your pick and make something beautiful again :D
Happy crafting !

Saturday 17 October 2009

Challenge # 42 : The 13 days of Halloween

Thank you to all who joined us in our challenge last week,
and thank you to all who visited blogs and left comments,
i hope you had as much fun with this challenge as i have had !

Tomorrow, on sunday the 18th of october, the 13 days of
Halloween begin. It is a period of time filled with creepyness
and excitement, a period where you can finish off the
last of your Halloween preparations ; think about your
Halloween dinner, decorations and all the other things
that you are planning on this holiday.

So this is your challenge for the coming two weeks :
The Thirteen Days of Halloween. You can express
yourself in any possible way you can think of, we will
be waiting here to see what you come up with ! And if
you want to enter with multiple items, you are more
than welcome :D Happy crafting !

Saturday 10 October 2009

Challenge # 41 : Halloween Decoration

Goodmorning one and all !

A big thank you to all participants of last week's
challenge. Very gorgeous things have been created
again, even though it was a difficult challenge :)

This week is going to be easier again, i challenge
you to make a Halloween Decoration. It can be
anything that you made that will adorn your
house during Halloween.

I will give you a few examples :

some candy baskets,

a bouquet of button flowers,

an altered Sylvanian.

So you see, it can be anything at all. Go on and
make something and show us all ! Happy crafting :)

Saturday 3 October 2009

Challenge # 40 : Surreal

It is so nice to see the contributions to our challenges,
i really enjoy bloghopping to all your blogs and see the
pretty things you make ! Well done !

Last week's challenge gave us all a possibility to get
some Halloween preparations done. This week we
will be venturing into the surrealistic world. Your
task will be to create something with the theme
"Surreal". You can choose any medium you like
this week, so put on your thinking hat and enjoy
where this challenge will take you :)

Happy creating !

Thursday 1 October 2009

Challenges on Saturday

The challenges on Art on the Darkside will be posted
on saturdays from now on. Thursday is a bit of a
difficult day and i will have much better time doing
it on saturdays, so you will have to wait two days
to learn what the new challenge will be :D

Saturday 26 September 2009

Challenge # 39 : Halloween ATC's

Last week's contributions were fabulous again.
You recieved a really difficult assignment but
you made the most of it, fantastic job all !
Be sure to visit the other participant's blogs
for inspiration because they are worth visiting.

This week's assignment is much easier : as
Halloween is approaching, we ask you to make
Halloween ATC's. The can be dark, eerie,
unsettling, anything you can come up with.

Here are some examples of ATC's i made
earlier. If you are not an ATC-person you
can do the alternate assignment : make a
Halloween Card. Size and form are up to you.

We wish you all inspiration to make the best out of this
assignment and are looking forward to seeing all your
dark creations.

Thursday 17 September 2009

Challenge # 38 : be careful what you wish for

Hello to all of our readers and participants ! Another
week has come and gone and brought us lots of
beautiful and meaningful art and we are about to
embark on a new art-journey. Do not forget to
check out the other participant's blogs for
inspiration :)

The theme for this week is "Be careful what you
wish for". Normally this would be followed by :
you might get it, but i let that part out so that you
can finish the sentence any way you want.

A few weeks ago i spoke about mind-mapping
and to give an example would be a logical next
step, right ? Normally i would make a more
elaborate map but this time i will make a small
beginning for the sake of this blogpost :

"Be careful what you wish for" :

* you might get it
* eventhough you will not get it
* children's stories about three wishes

* wishing for "good" things
* wishing for "bad" things
* desires; what are your dark desires ?
* dreams; what do you dream of ?

* what if you get what you want ?
* how will it change things ?

* spooky - / ghoststories
* wishing wells
* wishing spells (witchcraft)

Thursday 10 September 2009

Challenge # 37 : lurking in the shadows

Hello everyone, i hope you had a nice week (with our
challenge) and that you are up to another one ! The
creations from the past week are as stunning as ever
and i want to encourage everyone to go take a peek
at the various blogs.

This week's challenge is : lurking in the shadows. What
you can come up with is totally up to you, any form
or medium is allowed, so let your imagination take
you for a ride !

Thursday 3 September 2009

Challenge # 36 : Black

Thank you all again for your contributions and comments on
last week's challenge. It was a hard one and a dark one and
it is about to get even darker ! This week's challenge for you
has the theme "Black", so not only the colour black, but
anything black. I am looking forward to seeing the things
you can come up with.

I do not know if you guys do this too, but i usually make a
(mental) mind map what a challenge means to me, it helps
me make the most of my work and i often amaze myself by
the things that come up while mapping.

If you want to read more about this check this out :

Have fun with creating your art !

Thursday 27 August 2009

Challenge # 35 : Halloween Outfit

Goodmorning ! It has been two weeks since my first
post and i want to thank you all, but especially June
for the warm welcome i recieved ! Last week's moth
theme was really scary and the contributions were
once again very cool :D It is so much fun to see all
your pieces of art :)

As you will have guessed it is thursday again ... and
that leads us to our next challenge, which is :
Halloween Outfit. You can choose any medium you
would like for this challenge and decide whether it
will be your own, someone else's or any other kind
of outfit. There are no restrictions.

My own contribution is this Batterina in her orange
tutu and her batty personality ;)

I choose a 3D piece this time, but of course yours can be
2D, no worries about that. I hope that you will have as
much fun with this one as i did and i am looking forward
to see your contributions popping up :D

Sunday 23 August 2009

A Little late with this one ...

But hoping you might be able to come up with something for the challenge so here it is ...


You may use this spooky specimen or use another image :) I hope you will have fun.
Many thanks to Meikoningin for the wonderful challenge last week and such a lot of fabulous makes, thanks everyone. Meikoningin has some more amazing ideas for us coming soon
in the meantime , here is your moth :)

Wednesday 12 August 2009

Challenge # 33 : Halloween Pennant

Goodmorning everyone ! Thank you all who have
participated in last week's challenge, it was fun to
see what you have come up with again :)

And as is the case each week : a new thursday means
a new challenge. And it is quite a special one for me,
because it is my first one to host ! So i hope my challenge
for you tickles your imagination :) I atleast had fun with it,
so i am keeping my fingers crossed.

This week's challenge is : make a Halloween Pennant.
Halloween is still weeks away, but still it might be smart to
start making decorations because often it goes the same
way as with Christmas : you have lots of plans for cards
and decorations, but you end up not having enough time. If
Halloween is not your thing, you can choose to make a
"dark pennant" or a "scary pennant".

You can use this picture as a base for your pennant,
it is a really big picture, but you can ofcourse change
the size to whatever you like.

This is what i came up with myself, now you go do
your thing and enjoy yourself !

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Challenge - Image

This weeks darkside challenge is to use this image to create something with. I love the gothic feel of this and hope to also get time to make something
have fun

image in the public domain

Saturday 1 August 2009

My own cobweb entry

this is one i made for this weeks challenge too
Black widow

Wednesday 29 July 2009

Arachnaphobia ?

Well i don't believe we have done this one yet on darkside but i thought you may enjoy a chance to get in amongst the spiders with a little look at ....

Have fun with this challenge and enjoy taking it and making it creative - You do NOT have to use this image, any cobwebs you care to create are fine

Saturday 18 July 2009

challenge pic from me

we are short on entries so far so made my own for this challenge of ATTIC
hope you like it

Wednesday 15 July 2009

Challenge Darkside

This weeks darkside challenge is


Where does your imagination take you when you picture a dusty old attic in that haunted old house?
Have fun !!!

Thursday 9 July 2009

Most Haunted

thanks for all the wonderful challenge entries for the wolf challenge ... woohooo how amazing these were
this week i wanted to try the theme of

Most Haunted Houses

Thursday 2 July 2009

Darkside Wolves

Thanks to all who have joined in the challenge this week. It was a short one so please feel free to submit any others for the GARGOYLE CHALLENGE but as promised i wanted to update properly with a full week for the challenges again so here is this weeks challenge.

create something that is based on the Wolf or werewolf and have some fun !!

Sunday 28 June 2009

New challenge

So sorry to be so late getting started again with challenges. Life has just been so hectic.
I would like to leave this one for you all even though its late


This weeks challenge is GARGOYLES and will run until Thursday and then be changed for a new one

Wednesday 10 June 2009


This weeks darkside prompt is "MIRRORS "

Think : hall of mirrors, ghostly mirrors ... anything with reflections etc

Have fun and be creative.

There will be no challenge next week due to circumstances and i will be taking a few days off from blogging

Friday 5 June 2009

Junes Tattoo

I set the challenge ( see post below ) this week for TATTOO ... i meant to post this piece that i made a while back myself but couldnt find it. Now i found it so here is my own contribution :) which is a mixed media 4 x 4 collage

Thursday 4 June 2009

Tattoo challenge

There are so many beautiful kinds of art out there but one that is underrated is the art of tattoo's they have a look entirely of their own. I do not have any body tattoo's but i do admire the artwork that they are.
Tattoo's so often embrace the dark side too so this week we will honor them with choosing

TATTOO STYLE - OR TATTOO'S as out theme for the week,
all you need to do is take a look at some tattoo's online and then bring this into your art somewhere, whether its digital or physical art the word TATTOO is just a seed of the idea so go with wherever it takes you and come and post the results

Thursday 28 May 2009


How about this weeks Challenge .... I would like you all to become puppeteers.
Your mission this week is to create your very own work which will include a puppet or ventriliquist dummy, marionette or something along those lines.
Last weeks challenge did not inspire much so i am hoping this one will.
Have fun

Thursday 21 May 2009

Darkside Challenge -

This weeks challenge is by special request from my lovely friend Joan who's artwork I really admire. Do stop by and see her wonderful work here if you get chance. ( Joan i shall email soon i promise )
Anyway here is the weeks Dark challenge


Wednesday 13 May 2009

Ghosts of the Sea

This weeks darkside challenge is all about the sea

The theme in my mind is ... titanic, ghost ships, ghostly shapes on the sea, dark mermaids,anything along those lines will be acceptable

Tuesday 5 May 2009

New Challenge - ROSE & THORNS

Hi all, As you know i am struggling with things at the moment. My own health is suffering now too but i do want to leave a challenge or two when i can and its exciting to see the entries so i hope you will join in with this one. I will place the challenges when i can until things settle more. I hope this is ok with everyone.
I am off to visit docs tomorrow. so will find out whats what soon. Adam is doing ok and things are much the same. Thanks to my lovely friends here for all your comments :)

Ok here goes ... here is the new challenge ...


Wednesday 22 April 2009

Thanks Vron

I just want to say a huge thank you to my lovely friend Vron who has worked so hard and done so many brilliant challenges here at art on the darkside. If it hadn't been for Vron this blog would not still be here and i know she has had much to do on her own too. I have so many things to look after including blogs and after my son fell ill , i have also had to more or less do full time babysitting too so when Vron said she would look after you all for a while, well it was a huge blessing.
Vron your kindness has meant so much to me and i really appreciate you keeping this blog going.

Unfortunately Vron now also has too much going on to manage the blog too so it may be a difficult one to keep up but because of all the work Vron has done and all the work you all do, i will do my best to keep the challenges coming. The hard part for me is adding the pictures each week.
Thanks to my lovely blogging friend Genie Sea ... I have now added a mister blinky on the right hand side of this blog. It means you can add your comment and blog link there instead of here

Thanks again

Here is this weeks challenge ...

Lets try the theme of ... MOTHS

Wednesday 15 April 2009

Challenge - Gangsters

The challenege this week is gangsters. I will be interested to see the different takes on this.

The sampler of last weeks challenge will be done later.


Vron xx

Wednesday 8 April 2009

Challenge - Mannequin

Here is a new challenge for you - Mannequin. I remember the old films, where the police go down to the cellar, and all old mannequins are stored in the shadows. Suddenly one moves!!!
Here is your inspiration - lets see what you can do.....

Vron xx

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Challenge - The Bench

Where is it? Who has sat on it? Who will sit on it? You decide!

Courtesy of Larparmit at Deviant Art.

Have fun

Vron xx

Wednesday 25 March 2009

Challenge - The Kiss

Here is the new challenge for this week -


Lets see what you can all come up with, after the great entries last week. You can use this image if you want to, but it's for inspiration, so you don't have to.

Enjoy and have fun.

Vron xx

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Challenge - The Cross

I have always been interested in how the image of the cross is viewed. Is it the "trinket of deceit" as Dracula states, or is it a symbol of love and hope as many people believe. What do you think?
This image can be taken either way, so I would love to see your interpretation of this symbol.


This challenge is not intended to make any religious statement - so feel free to use it in any way that you want to - let your imagination run wild.


Wednesday 11 February 2009

Carousel Of Darkness ( CHALLENGE )

The flu virus hit me hard so just getting myself back together now and want to say thanks to all who entered darkside challenge shadows challenge.
I hope this weeks theme will be just as popular.


You may interpret this one any way you wish , make art in Physical or in Digital, its your choice but i always found something a little creepy about carousels .. must be the inner dark child in me

Thursday 5 February 2009

Challenge Shadows

This weeks DARKSIDE CHALLENGE .. is simple but gives you a whole scope for ideas, materials and visuals.
The theme this week for you all is

SHADOWS ... How dark are your shadows ???

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Challenge 8 Evil Eyes

This week i want you to try your hand at EVIL EYES ... they say the eyes are the windows of the soul ... So lets look deep into those evil souless eyes ... How evil will your eyes turn out to be ?

Dont forget this is open to all and any kinds of art work so get creating

Wednesday 14 January 2009

Darkside Challenge 8 - Bad Ass Clown

This weeks challenge is :

The Dark side of the Circus ........ BAD ASS CLOWN !!! JESTER, FEMALE CLOWN !! .. Go folks see how naughty you can be

Stephen Kings awesome book and movie inspired this weeks choice

Wednesday 7 January 2009

Darkside Challenge 7 - Another You

This weeks darkside challenge is all about YOU ... Another You !! ... Your alter ego .. or your doppleganger. Have you ever fancied being someone wicked ? Have you ever had your choice of fancy dress and chosen a baddy ? .... Well here is your chance to become whoever you wish ...

You can choose to actually portray an image direct from my 'Doppleganger poem (see below ) OR just go creatively wild with an artwork,picture,atc,painting,gothic arch,card,stampbord, anything you like with images of who you would like to be if you were wicked - vampire? fallen angel, witch,diva,baby jane,devil,gargoyle, sea monster ??? ... go for it !!!! I am dying to see what can be done with this

I do hope you will enjoy this one !!

Wednesday 31 December 2008

Challenge 6 Scary Fairy Tales

Thanks to all who entered last weeks challenge. I am really excited about this weeks as I can't wait to get my teeth into the dark world of fairy tales.
As a child i was entranced by the darkness that always seemed to creep into my favourite fairy tales, these were usually Brothers Grimm stories
or Hans Christian Anderson. There were some amazingly imaginative plots and baddies in them. Think ... The Red Shoes & Hansel and Gretal, think also little red riding hood and the little mermaid ... and hundreds more.
You get the picture ??

I am off to explore and will be back with mine which i think this week will be an atc or journal page.
What will you create ?? hope its something deliciously dark ...

Ok Here is mine ( from Snow White ) 'Mirror Mirror '

Friday 26 December 2008

Challenge 5 SNAKE


This week i made a digital picture for the challenge

Tuesday 23 December 2008

Challenge 4

This week is christmas week and if you do have any time to play then there is a challenge for you here ... the theme this week is MUTANT !

My own is an atc in mixed media ... wax background,stamps in black stazon, paper tag, garden twine and inks plus gold pen

Don't forget to check out the freebies at Art Freebies ( link on the right )

hugs from June

Wednesday 17 December 2008

Challenge Three - Vampires

Temptress - Tubes by outlaw designs

plus my own work,background and light effects

This weeks challenge is all about vampires. You may take that literally or you may if you wish, take it and apply it to some other meaning eg: energy vampire / Its yours to play around with and see how the darkness grasps you ... It sent me to sleep last night with some pretty scary visions ...

My vampire temptress comes from my poem in previous post and you are also invited to use the poem as the basis for your art work. Have fun my dark playmates ...

Wednesday 10 December 2008

Challenge 2 - MASK

Thanks so much to Vron who entered my very first challenge ( tears ) with her incredible angel tears'. All entries will be displayed with the post and also will be added to a slide show soon. Thank you also to all who have taken and interest in this new blog challenge. I am aware that its a strange one and may be slow to get going but the more people see others addressing the darkside in art, the more we will see it explored. I am hoping challenge number 2 will give you something to get your teeth into and can be interpreted in many ways so ... enjoy and just let the title take you where it wants and create !
CHALLENGE 2 - MASK Here is one from me. I let my darkside lead me where it would. It came up with this owl like mask so i have created this darkly magical creature with owl face. Owl Masked Angel.
She is created from textured paints,pens etc

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Challenge 1 Tears

Emotions effect us all profoundly and In this challenge I wanted to use the word 'TEARS' as they are a product of many emotions; sadness, frustration, fear, laughter etc. Think about how you would like to interpret 'tears' in your artwork and produce an atc or other.

Here is my own interpretation
'Drowning in Tears'
an atc in stamp,inks,pens and paper collage.