Saturday, 17 October 2009

Challenge # 42 : The 13 days of Halloween

Thank you to all who joined us in our challenge last week,
and thank you to all who visited blogs and left comments,
i hope you had as much fun with this challenge as i have had !

Tomorrow, on sunday the 18th of october, the 13 days of
Halloween begin. It is a period of time filled with creepyness
and excitement, a period where you can finish off the
last of your Halloween preparations ; think about your
Halloween dinner, decorations and all the other things
that you are planning on this holiday.

So this is your challenge for the coming two weeks :
The Thirteen Days of Halloween. You can express
yourself in any possible way you can think of, we will
be waiting here to see what you come up with ! And if
you want to enter with multiple items, you are more
than welcome :D Happy crafting !

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Challenge # 41 : Halloween Decoration

Goodmorning one and all !

A big thank you to all participants of last week's
challenge. Very gorgeous things have been created
again, even though it was a difficult challenge :)

This week is going to be easier again, i challenge
you to make a Halloween Decoration. It can be
anything that you made that will adorn your
house during Halloween.

I will give you a few examples :

some candy baskets,

a bouquet of button flowers,

an altered Sylvanian.

So you see, it can be anything at all. Go on and
make something and show us all ! Happy crafting :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Challenge # 40 : Surreal

It is so nice to see the contributions to our challenges,
i really enjoy bloghopping to all your blogs and see the
pretty things you make ! Well done !

Last week's challenge gave us all a possibility to get
some Halloween preparations done. This week we
will be venturing into the surrealistic world. Your
task will be to create something with the theme
"Surreal". You can choose any medium you like
this week, so put on your thinking hat and enjoy
where this challenge will take you :)

Happy creating !

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Challenges on Saturday

The challenges on Art on the Darkside will be posted
on saturdays from now on. Thursday is a bit of a
difficult day and i will have much better time doing
it on saturdays, so you will have to wait two days
to learn what the new challenge will be :D